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MirRam Group



Our team has a deep knowledge of the New York State and City legislative processes. We offer strategies for developing initiatives, presenting objectives and building legislative support that also earns community support for legislative items. In addition we track legislative initiatives and budgetary requests from one legislative session to the next, and effectively shift our client strategies to adapt to changing political realities.

Government Relations


We understand the principles involved at each level of government and within the different governmental organizations and create strategic roadmaps for our clients to effectively navigate the NYS political landscape and the opportunity to build relationships with government institutions.



MirRam offers a comprehensive amalgam of strategic communication services that include: defining and establishing long and short-term communication goals, message development, crisis management, media training, advertising, coverage analysis, production and distribution of press releases and other editorial and marketing collaterals, linked directly to successful engagements.



The most effective communication and marketing strategies are built on accurate research. Using traditional and contemporary research methods, and combining this with our understanding of stakeholders’ opinions and motivations, we help our clients to develop the most-targeted, comprehensive data for effective planning, massaging and action.

Constantinople & Vallone


Constantinople & Vallone guides you through the entire governmental process, whether it is legislative, executive, regulatory or administrative. C&V has vast experience in dealing with both the New York City and State Executive branches and Legislatures, as well as the New York Congressional delegation. Not only can we get you in the door at every level, from staff to principal, but we can expertly guide you through the land use process, product sales, introduction of legislation, passage of departmental specifications, and public funding initiatives.

We at C&V utilize the same strategy that served Peter Vallone, Sr. so well throughout his tenure at the City Council, namely success through consensus-building. For each project that we accept, C&V designs a strategy that touches all the bases necessary for success, not only at the City Council, Mayoral administration, or state and federal government, but also labor unions, community groups and business interests.


C&V’s vast business network can lead to introductions to world renowned market leaders, resulting in a multitude of business opportunities. In today’s complex business environment, the ability to meet with appropriate levels of a corporate entity can be a significant advantage.

C&V places great emphasis on preparation. Not only will we make the necessary introductions, we will provide insight into the process and participants and we will tailor the right strategy for success.

C&V works to shape and enhance the client’s image in the public arena. Our contacts in print, electronic and television media are second to none. Your message will be heard.

Park Strategies

State & Local Government Relations

The Park Strategies State & Local Affairs division has over 100 years of combined experience in navigating public and government affairs. Whether it’s in the hallways of the State Capitol, or the hearing rooms in a county legislature, Park’s lobbyists are known for their tenacious advocacy and ability to get results. We work closely with clients to understand their business, identify their challenges and opportunities, and to craft government relations campaigns and policy support arguments to advance their interests.

Our strength lies at the nexus of business, government, and the marketplace. From legislative monitoring and position paper drafting, to full “lobby days” and advocacy campaigns, our team provides clear direction through administrative, legislative and regulatory obstacles. Let us help you get results.

Strategic Business Consulting & Advisory Services

Successful business initiatives often arise from the ability to discover and foster unforeseen synergies. The clients of Park Strategies benefit from our ability to leverage our broad experience and relationships to build alliances that achieve common goals.

With subject matter expertise in areas from financial services to information technology, healthcare to procurement, we assist clients in developing and executing on strategies that realize their objectives, whether in new markets, sales growth, or capital formation. The professionals at Park Strategies regularly add-value to our clients and their operations, successfully guiding companies and organizations to their next levels for more than two decades. Let us open doors for you.

Regulatory & Federal Affairs

Governmental regulations are complex and their short- and long-term implications directly affect business decisions and performance.

The Regulatory Affairs division of Park Strategies advises clients on the potential impact of governmental regulations by drawing on our deep knowledge of existing and proposed regulatory, administrative, and legislative issues. With a broad range of expertise in highly-regulated industries, including healthcare, insurance/financial services, energy and telecommunications, our acumen with state and local governments allows us to facilitate our clients’ dual objectives of compliance and success.

Whether your organization requires project development assistance or support in meeting the most stringent regulations, the Regulatory Affairs division of Park Strategies is positioned to provide you with the assistance you need. Let us guide you.

Association Management

For more than a decade, our Association Management Group has been providing clients with a variety of association management services ranging from administrative support to program development and membership acquisition. Through years of experience in working with trade associations and coalitions we have learned how to evaluate our client’s current programs, recommend strategic enhancements and help them manage their membership’s goals and objectives.

Park Strategies’ proficiency in consulting and government relations affords us a deep understanding of how legislative and regulatory changes may impact our clients’ associations, and their memberships. This knowledge allows us to take a proactive approach on behalf of our clients, rather than simply reacting to policy, regulatory, and legislative changes. Let us help you manage your organization.

Cannabis Practice Group

Now is when the hard work begins. Industry regulations are set to be in place as soon as summer 2022, and they will need to be thoroughly reviewed and understood. The license applications for the nine different cannabis licenses could be available as soon as October 2022, and plant-touching companies will need to be ready to navigate that process to successfully obtain a license from the new Office of Cannabis Management.

Park Strategies’ Cannabis Practice Group, together with the D’Amato Law Group, provides a full range of resources, counsel, and government relations services specifically tailored to meet the needs of its cannabis industry client base.

As the leading cannabis policy firm in New York State we have developed and established deep roots in the cannabis space. From working to secure one of the first medical marijuana licenses, to our advocacy on the 2019 Hemp Extract Law, to advocacy efforts in the passage of the MRTA, to a strong presence in the cannabis market, Park Strategies has been at the forefront of cannabis public policy & business strategy to help stand up of the cannabis industry in New York.

Capitol Advocacy (California)


Capitol Advocacy represents clients before the State Legislature, the Governor’s Office, state agencies and departments, and regulatory boards and commissions. In addition to decades of lobbying experience, members of our team we have worked as senior staff in the State Assembly, State Senate, and in the Executive Branch. Our experience navigating each of these arenas is second to none.

Our team works year-round to build relationships that are critical to shaping policy in Sacramento. That means we are always positioned to connect with the right people at the right time, no matter the issue or the policymaker.

By mastering the process, understanding the policy and politics, and possessing relationships with key players in Sacramento, the Capitol Advocacy lobbying team helps clients win regardless of circumstances— whether they face a crisis, a high-profile battle, a legislative or regulatory need, or have an interest to protect behind the scenes.

Budget Advocacy

We have spent years working around the intricacies of the budget maze and as such, are widely respected by long-time budget staffers and key decision makers in leadership offices and the administration. The Capitol Advocacy team are experts in the budget process, and know how to best advise our clients to be successful in advancing or opposing a budget deal.

California’s budget process is an ever-changing maze of moving parts. The State suffers from excessive demands on limited resources, institutes complex and cumbersome funding formulas, and mandates sometimes unrealistic and detrimental requirements on its contractors and private partners.

From the announcement of the Governor’s proposed budget in January to the June 15 deadline for the Legislature to pass a budget, the process happens quickly and sometimes very quietly behind closed doors. That’s why there’s no one better to advocate for you than Capitol Advocacy. Whether fighting to secure funding or defending against budget cuts, we work with our clients to manage the state budget process every step of the way, and to find creative solutions to budget challenges. We work with our clients to manage the state budget process every step of the way, finding creative solutions to challenges and meet their needs.

Coalition Building

Whether advocating for legislation or trying to stop a bad bill, building a broad-based coalition helps to increase our client’s success. That’s why at Capitol Advocacy we focus intensely on building the right support network for the most effective lobbying effort.

We work with a broad array of advocates — from business leaders and environmental activists to community groups, labor, trade associations, consumer, patient and provider organizations, grassroots organizers and local elected officials. It is our long-term relationships with these groups that help to bring advocacy partners to form a coalition and make our legislative efforts successful.

In each coalition, we use our understanding of California’s political landscape to assemble an effective team of messengers, give them the tools they need to communicate the right message, and then deploy them to achieve our clients’ goals.

Whether leading or working with a coalition, we understand the importance of identifying the right messenger to deliver the most effective message to a policy maker.

Strategic Planning

It’s always better to prevent a crisis than to be confronted with one. That’s why our lobbyists work with clients to develop strategic plans that anticipate threats and highlight opportunities.

We are constantly gauging the impact of issues that are most likely to be at the forefront of each legislative session. This allows us to protect our clients against potential threats by staying ahead of the game, anticipating change, responding to legislation, and crafting administrative solutions to move their agendas forward.

Cookie-cutter strategies don’t work in California. The state’s political environment requires not only strategic planning, but creative thinking to break through the noise and make sure the message is heard by the relevant decision makers. We believe in a tailored approach for each client and each issue.

In partnership with our client, we establish and exceed strategic objectives and together achieve long-term success.

We view ourselves as an ongoing partner with our clients, sharing their focus on meeting strategic objectives and achieving long-term success.

Political Involvement

California’s political landscape shifts on a near-daily basis. We help our clients effectively navigate the constant change resulting from each election cycle and the dynamics at play between those cycles. Understanding how the political currents are flowing allows us to effectively navigate the landscape.

We believe it’s not enough to simply throw money into the political process. We strive to make our clients’ participation strategic and meaningful. That means using political action to increase our clients’ visibility, make progress toward strategic goals, and build the right relationships for long-term benefit.

In each election, we evaluate the key legislative races and the most critical ballot initiatives, and advise our clients on how and when to participate. We also develop a comprehensive strategy every four years when the voters of California decide on the eight statewide Constitutional offices and four state Board of Equalization offices.

In the most recent election cycle, Capitol Advocacy assisted our clients in thoughtfully deploying several million dollars in political contributions to candidates and statewide ballot measure committees.

Even for clients with no political budget, we provide ongoing updates and strategic advice about the political environment and how it will impact their ultimate goals.


The California government spends billions of dollars annually on goods and services, making it a market ripe with opportunity. However, accessing those contracting opportunities is challenging due to complex procurement rules and policies, the state’s ever-changing budget situation, and the nuances of politics in the overall process. Capitol Advocacy’s familiarity with these challenges uniquely positions us as one of the most experienced firms in helping clients successfully contract with California.

We are constantly searching for opportunities for our clients to do business with the state, even before such opportunities are formally announced. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive procurement lobbying strategy tailored to your specific needs. We will craft a bid development and provide guidance on bid protests, if needed. Throughout the process, we work diligently to strengthen your relationships with key state officials.

We have successfully represented companies in areas including: corrections, education, healthcare, information technology, and transportation. By taking a multi-faceted approach, anticipating threats, and capitalizing on opportunities, Capitol Advocacy is well-equipped to accomplish your procurement goals.

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